ATmega328P-U PDIP-28 Microcontroller


The most single-clock cycle execution of 131 potent instructions and 32 x 8 general-purpose working registers.
Completely stationary functioning.
20MHz throughput of up to 20MIPS.
2-cycle on-chip multiplier.
Write and erase cycles: 100,000 EEPROM and 10,000 flash.
Section of boot code that is optional and has separate lock bits.
Utilising an on-chip boot programme for system programming.
True read during the writing process.
Lock programming for software protection.
Two 8-bit timer/counters, each with its own comparison and prescaler modes.
One 16-bit timer/counter with independent modes for comparison, capture, and prescaler.
A separate oscillator and real-time counter.

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This microcontroller is an ATmega328P-U PDIP-28.
This is the ATmega328P-PU IC, often referred to as ATmega328P-U, in Chinese. Thus, an IC with the printed name ATmega328P-U may be sent to you.
AVR improved RISC architecture serves as the foundation for the low-power CMOS 8-bit microcontroller, the ATMEGA328P-U. The ATmega328P-PU achieves throughputs of about 1 MIPS per MHz by carrying out complex instructions in a single clock cycle, which enables the system designer to balance processing speed and power consumption.

32 general purpose working registers and a robust instruction set are combined in the AVR core. Since the Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU) is directly coupled to all 32 registers, one instruction can access two separate registers in a single clock cycle. In comparison to traditional CISC microcontrollers, the new design achieves throughputs up to ten times quicker while being more code efficient.
A comprehensive range of tools for developing programmes and systems, such as C compilers, macro assemblers, programme debugger/simulators, in-circuit emulators, and evaluation kits, are available for the ATmega328P-PU AVR.

Note: The available IC model for this type is ATMEGA328P U.


High Performance, Low Power Design:

Atmel® AVR® advanced RISC architecture in an 8-bit microcontroller with 131 instructions, the majority of which are completed in a single clock cycle
20 MHz throughput of up to 20 MIPS
32 functioning registers with 8 cycles multiplied by 2

Memory Contains:
1KB of EEPROM and 32KB of programmable FLASH
For Flash, 10,000 Write and Erase Cycles, and for EEPROM, 100,000
Data retention at 85°C for 20 years and 25°C for 100 years
Bootloader with lock bits that is optional
Using the bootloader to do True Read-While-Write operations in System Programming (ISP)
Programming lock available for the protection of software

I/O and Package:
  1. 23 programmable I/O lines
  2. 28 pin PDIP package
Speed Grades:
  1. 0-4 MHz at 1.8-5.5V
  2. 0-10 MHz at 2.7-5.5V
  3. 0-20 MHz at 4.5-5.5V
Low power consumption mode at 1.8V, 1 MHz and 25°C:
  1. Active Mode: 0.3 mA
  2. Power-down Mode: 0.1 μA
  3. Power-save Mode: 0.8 μA (Including 32 kHz RTC)

Pin Diagram:Atmega328P Pu Pdip 28 Microcontroller 5 1

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