High speed BLDC Motor 2.5Kw 72V L5

This is High speed BLDC Motor 2.5Kw 72V L5 2500Watt 72VDC Motor with Controller. This is espacliy for E rikshwa ,Golf cart, car , High speed BOAT, or any electric three/four-wheel vehicle.

  • Maximum Power (W) : 2500Watt
  • Voltage(V) : 72V
  • Maximum Speed(RPM) : 3500-4500RPM (as per request)
  • Load capacity: 1800-2200KG*
  • AMP: 34.72


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A high-speed BLDC (Brushless Direct Current) motor rated at 2.5 kW (kilowatts) and 72V (volts), labeled as “L5,” sounds like a powerful option suitable for various applications, including electric motorcycles, scooters, or certain types of electric vehicles where high speed and power are required.

Here are some considerations regarding this motor:

  1. Power and Voltage: A 2.5 kW motor is quite powerful and can provide significant acceleration and speed. The 72V voltage rating indicates that it requires a battery pack with a nominal voltage of 72V to operate optimally.
  2. Speed: The “L5” designation likely refers to a specific model or variant of the motor. Depending on the design and configuration, this motor may be optimized for higher speeds, making it suitable for applications where velocity is a priority.
  3. Torque: While high-speed motors typically sacrifice some torque compared to lower-speed counterparts, a motor of this power rating should still provide sufficient torque for acceleration and moderate inclines, especially when paired with an appropriate gear ratio.
  4. Cooling: High-power motors like this one may generate significant heat during operation. Ensure that the motor has adequate cooling mechanisms or provisions for cooling to prevent overheating and maintain performance and longevity.
  5. Controller Compatibility: Make sure to pair this motor with a suitable motor controller rated for the voltage and power requirements of the motor. The controller should also support the desired speed and torque characteristics.
  6. Battery Compatibility: Use a battery pack with a nominal voltage of 72V and sufficient capacity to provide the necessary energy for your application. Consider factors such as range, weight, and charging infrastructure when selecting a battery.
  7. Safety and Legal Compliance: Ensure that your vehicle complies with safety regulations and legal requirements in your region, especially concerning vehicle speed and power limits.

When integrating this motor into your project, follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for installation, wiring, and operation to ensure safety and optimal performance.

what is BLDC motor?

A brushless DC electric motor (BLDC motor or BL motor), also known as an electronically commutated motor (ECM or EC motor) or synchronous DC motor, is a synchronous motor using a direct current (DC) electric power supply. It uses an electronic closed loop controller to switch DC currents to the motor windings producing magnetic fields which effectively rotate in space and which the permanent magnet rotor follows. The controller adjusts the phase and amplitude of the DC current pulses to control the speed and torque of the motor. This control system is an alternative to the mechanical commutator (brushes) used in many conventional electric motors.


Controller specification

  • Maximum Power (W) : 2500Watt
  • Voltage(V) : 72V
  • AMP: 115A

 Battery: LI ion Battery 72V 50Amp and above

Customization is available ask for battery pack customization

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