Lemon 6200mAh 4S 45C/90C Lithium Polymer Battery Pack

  • Guaranteed leak-free performance in all orientations, excluding upside-down
  • In float service applications, a two- to three-year lifespan is anticipated.
  • Functioning in a wide range of outside temperatures
  • Capacity for recovery even following profound discharges
  • Little in size, easy to install, and minimal maintenance


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Available on backorder

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The Lemon 6200mAh 4S 45C/90C lithium polymer battery pack is a high-capacity battery commonly used in RC (remote-controlled) vehicles, drones, and other electric-powered devices. Let’s break down what each of those specifications means:

  1. 6200mAh: This indicates the battery’s capacity, measured in milliampere-hours (mAh). It tells you how much charge the battery can hold. In this case, it’s 6200mAh, which means it can theoretically provide 6.2 ampere-hours of power.
  2. 4S: This refers to the number of cells in series within the battery pack. Each “S” represents one cell. So, “4S” means there are four cells connected in series. The voltage of the battery pack will depend on the voltage rating of each cell and how they’re connected. In the case of lithium polymer batteries, each cell typically has a nominal voltage of 3.7 volts, so a 4S pack would have a nominal voltage of around 14.8 volts.
  3. 45C/90C: These numbers represent the discharge rates of the battery. “C” is a measure of the discharge rate relative to the capacity of the battery. So, for this battery pack:
    • 45C indicates the continuous discharge rate. In this case, it means the battery can discharge at a rate that is 45 times its capacity, or 279A (6200mAh * 45).
    • 90C indicates the burst discharge rate. This means the battery can handle short bursts of higher discharge currents, up to 558A (6200mAh * 90), though this may only be sustainable for a few seconds.

This battery pack’s specifications suggest it’s suitable for applications that require high power output over short periods, such as high-performance RC vehicles or drones that need quick bursts of speed or agility. However, it’s essential to use it within its specified parameters to ensure safety and longevity.

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