MAXBOTIX MB7137 I2CXL-TrashSonar-WR Ultrasonic Sensor Range Finder Sonar

  • 3-5.5 V is the operating voltage.
  • Range of Object Sensing: 0-350 cm
  • Range of Sonar Sensing: 20-350 cm
  • Maximum Sensing Length: 350 cm
  • 20 Hz is the read rate.
  • 42 KHz is the frequency.
  • resistant to weather.
  • IP67 Defence


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Many of the sensors produced by Maxbotix are resistant to adverse outdoor environments. This MAXBOTIX MB7137 I2CXL-TrashSonar-WR Ultrasonic Sensor Trash Bin Measurement is perfect for your application when dust, moisture, or rough handling of the ultrasonic sensor are unavoidable.

This Maxbotix Ultrasonic Sensor is weather resistant and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Strong range information is available to users of the I2CXL-TrashSonar-WR sensor series in the air. In addition, these sensors have a high-power acoustic output, real-time auto calibration for fluctuating conditions (supply voltage sag, acoustic noise, or electrical noise), operate within a 3.0V to 5.5V supply voltage range, detect objects up to 350 cm away, and provide 1-cm resolution sonar range information from 20 cm out to 350 cm. The usual range of objects from 0-cm to 20-cm is 20-cm. It features an I2C interface and a 20 Hz read rate.

The weather-resistant MB7137, I2CXL-TrashSonar-WR, has multiple output possibilities, including pulse-width, analogue voltage, and RS232 serial, and features centimetre resolution and short- to mid-distance detection.

The MB7137 is a robust ultrasonic sensor component module from the XL-TrashSonar-WR range of outdoor sensors. The IP67 water intrusion standard-compliant, durable PVC housing of this sensor is compatible with common electrical 3/4-inch PVC pipe fittings and comes in a variety of housing configurations.

The I2CXL-TrashSonar-WR sensors offer dependable long-range detection zones and are factory calibrated to meet narrow sensor beam patterns.

Furthermore, the MB7137 provides nearly noise-free distance readings by utilising continuously changing gain in conjunction with high-output acoustic power, real-time automatic calibration of the backdrop, real-time waveform signature analysis, and noise rejection algorithms. This is still the case even when a variety of electrical or acoustic noise sources are present.

Note: This module is not equipped with P-option (which applies a parylene coating to the aluminium transducer) or F-option (which covers the sensor with a chemically inert substance). MB7137 I2CXL-TrashSonar-WR to purchase


  • Examine each of the three sensor outputs: Module with RS232 serial, pulse width, analogue voltage, and small weight
  • Created for simple incorporation into your project or item
  • Automatic calibration in real time for voltage, humidity, and background noise
  • Firmware filtering to improve clutter rejection and noise tolerance
  • IP67 (Weather Resistant)
  • Over 200,000 Hours Average Interval Between Failures
  • compatible with common electrical pipe fittings for simple installation
  • small, mid-range detecting zone
  • An extra stability filter eliminates infrequently abnormal measurements
  • finds the largest signal return inside the view field.
  • uses the whole dynamic range of the sensor; in the absence of any large targets, it will choose the next-smallest target that comes into view.
  • Suitable for ranging big items behind little barriers

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