Micro Minim OSD For Racing F3 Naze32 Flight Controller RC Drone

  1. ATmega328P with Arduino bootloader.
  2. MAX7456 monochrome on-screen display.
  3. +5V 500mA regulator for up to +12V supply input.
  4. FTDI cable compatible pinout.
  5. The standard 6-pin ISP header.
  6. Standalone, or with APM/ Flip / Flip32+ flight controllers.

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The next step in minimising is the Micro Minim OSD. The Minimosd was designed to provide customers with an incredibly powerful OSD at an unbelievable price. From the folks that created the WitesSpy KV Team OSD, your suggestions have now led to the creation of the Micro MinimOSD! Following the community’s modifications, the OSD was redesigned with all usable pins readily accessible and without requiring surface soldering.

The sole distinction is that when a flight controller is powered down, less heat is produced because it lacks a DC/DC converter. Although it has been altered to take advantage of unique firmware possibilities, the Micro Minim OSD is identical to the earlier MinimOSD hardware.

Firmware compatible with MAVLink for ArduCopter and MultiWii Serial for Baseflight/Cleanflight and MultiWii control boards is available for selection. To view the voltage of the primary flight battery, you can connect two batteries up to 4S. Your FPV battery voltage will also be shown on the display via the second connector. We also made sure to include the pin for digital or analogue PWM RSSI and the connection for a current sensor.

It is intended to be as little as possible and is specifically made to work with ArduPilot Mega and the MAVlink protocol. The ATmega328P 8-bit microprocessor with an Arduino bootloader and the MAX7456 monochrome on-screen display are its primary parts. Through an FTDI card, programming is carried out.


Micro Minim Osd For Racing


Arduino bootloader on an ATmega328P.
Monochrome on-screen display, Max7456.
Each of the two separate power portions has two LED indicators.
To combine the power parts, use solder jumpers.
Solder jumper for the option of PAL video.
Test points for LOS and HSYNC exposed with half the size of the original, but with all the same functions.
There is no onboard DC/DC converter, which reduces heat.
Pinout compatible with FTDI cables.
The typical ISP header is six pins.

Adjustments to enable a straight connection between two batteries (up to 4S).
Pad for a PWM RSSI signal, either digital or analogue.
Pad where a current sensor is connected.
independently or in conjunction with APM, Flip, or Flip32+ flying controllers.
This hardware creates an RTF solution by incorporating the hardware modifications for this firmware.

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