Naze32 10DOF Flight Control Board

Updating or flashing the default firmware could result in a laptop or PC connectivity issue.
This board’s magnetometer is only compatible with Clean Flite Version V1.2.3.
Since this flight controller board is open source, it is supplied by numerous vendors. We have selected and evaluated the highest calibre items available on the market. and ultimately chose the greatest one out of them. Our product functions precisely as we have shown in the description up there.

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The Naze32 10DOF Flight Control board requires only a few small adjustments to operate on the majority of frames with stock PIDs. It has three modes: stunt (no auto-level), angle (always auto-level and limits bank and pitch to 45 degrees), and horizon (auto-level when sticks are close to the centre, allowing you to still flip, etc.). It flies incredibly well. Precise point rolls and tight flips are achievable.

A magnetometer and barometer—which are necessary for GPS operation and head-free modes—are included in the Plus version. designed with vertical pins to minimise overall footprint and conventional servo connectors (no special cables needed). Using an ATmega32u4, it will run the MultiWii RC flying controller firmware in its 32-bit version. For the GUI, use the Chrome Baseflight Configurator.

The HMC5833 compass sensor and the BMP280 barometer. Incorporating a compass sensor improves your ability to measure the aircraft direction while in flight, but it’s primarily useful for adding a GPS module to enable position hold flight mode for your drone.

Naze32 6DOF Vs 10DOF :

Naze32 6Dof Vs 10Dof

Installation Process:
  1. Clone the repo to any local directory or download the ZIP file in Attachments
  2. Start Chromium or Google Chrome browser and go to tools -> Extension
  3. Check the “Developer mode” checkbox (ON the developer mode)
  4. Click on “Load Unpacked” button on the upper right corner of the extension page and
  5. Browse and Select the Downloaded ZIP file from your computer

Naze32 Rev6 10Dof Flight Control Board Barometer Compass


Version: 10 DOF
3-axis MEMS gyro with an axis of 2000 degrees per second.
Max 16V on the input rail and up to 35V/6s on the voltage sense line are the input voltage limits.
Multiple aircraft types are supported by the flexible motor outputs, including quad, hexa, tri, bi, y4, y6, octo, and camera gimbal. (Quad-X is the default).
Supports Spektrum satellite receivers, PPM Sum receivers (FrSky, etc.), and normal receivers (PWM) with up to 8 channels of RC input.
A built-in inverter for FrSky telemetry shared with the main port.
monitoring the voltage of batteries.
A contemporary 32-bit CPU (STM32F103CB) operating at 3.3V and 72MHz.
MicroUSB onboard for configuration and setup.
LEDs so brilliant they could cause blindness.
Easy setup programme with multiple WiFi-based setting options.

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