SparkFun Triad Spectroscopy Sensor – AS7265x

  1. Operating Voltage(VDC): 3.3
  2. Operating current(mA): 5.
  3. Selectable interface: I2C or Serial (115200bps).
  4. 18 frequencies of light-sensing from 410nm to 940nm.
  5. 28.6 nW/cm2 per count.
  6. Accuracy of ±12%.
  7. Integrated 405nm UV, 5700k White, and 875nm IR LEDs.

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A potent optical inspection tool also referred to as a spectrophotometer is the SparkFun Triad Spectroscopy Sensor. A combination of visible, UV, and IR LEDs with three AS7265x spectral sensors is used to light and test different surfaces for light spectroscopy.

Comprising three sensors (AS72651, AS72652, and AS72653), the Triad is capable of detecting light in the range of 410nm (UV) to 940nm (IR). Furthermore, measurements of 18 distinct light frequencies may be made with an accuracy of +/-12% and a precision of down to 28.6 nW/cm2. It connects to the rest of your system without the need for soldering thanks to our convenient Qwiic system. If you would rather utilise a breadboard, we still have 0.1′′-spaced pins available.

The SparkFun Triad Spectroscopy Sensor may connect serially at 115200 bps or over I2C by default. We’ve created a fully functional Arduino library to access all the functions, such as reading data and lighting up LEDs throughout the Qwiic I2C interface. The Triad can also be configured to communicate via serial. The AT command set is used by the serial interface.

What applications does light spectroscopy have? It’s a fascinating area of study, and the SparkFun Triad makes equipment that was previously unaffordable for desktop use. While the sensor array of the AS7265x does not allow the user to detect and characterise how different materials absorb and reflect 18 distinct frequencies of light, it should not be confused with extremely sophisticated photon spectrometers. Additionally, we’ve created a comprehensive Arduino library that makes it simple to read and communicate with the Triad!


  • 3.3 VDC is the operating voltage
  • 5.0 mA is the operating current.
  • Interface selection: Serial (115200bps) or I2C.
  • 18 light-sensing frequencies, ranging from 410 nm to 940 nm.
  • nW/cm2 per count is 28.6.
  • A precision of ±12%.
  • integrated 5700k White, 875nm IR, and 405nm UV LEDs.

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