• Usage/Application                    E- Rickshaw,
  • Current                                     20 AMP
  • Vehicle                                      E Rickshaw
  • Body Type                                 Closed
  • Brand                                        Nanya

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A 20 amp DC/DC converter for an electric vehicle (EV) is a device that converts the high voltage DC power from the main traction battery (usually several hundred volts) to a lower voltage DC power suitable for auxiliary systems in the vehicle, such as lighting, instrumentation, and other accessories.

Here’s how you can find a 20 amp DC/DC converter for your EV:

  1. Electric Vehicle Parts Suppliers: Reach out to suppliers or retailers that specialize in electric vehicle components. They often carry DC/DC converters specifically designed for EV applications, including models with 20 amp output ratings.
  2. Online Marketplaces: Search on online marketplaces for “20 amp DC/DC converter for EV” or similar keywords. Be sure to verify the specifications and compatibility of any converter you find.
  3. Electronics Distributors: Check with electronics distributors or suppliers that cater to industrial or automotive applications. They may have a selection of DC/DC converters suitable for EV use.
  4. EV Conversion Communities: Join online forums or communities dedicated to EV conversions. Members may have recommendations or insights based on their own experiences with DC/DC converters.
  5. Direct from Manufacturers: Consider contacting manufacturers that specialize in power electronics or EV components. They may offer DC/DC converters with custom specifications or provide guidance on selecting the right converter for your EV.

When selecting a 20 amp DC/DC converter for your EV, ensure that it meets the necessary specifications for input voltage, output voltage, current capacity, efficiency, and thermal management. Additionally, consider factors such as size, mounting options, and protection features to ensure compatibility and reliable operation in your vehicle.

CurrentMax 20Amp
Output Volt12V
UsageE-Rickshaw / E cart

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